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Since 1975, EHWA DIAMOND INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD established a world renowned reputation of high quality products, service and expertise in the most advanced technology for manufacturing industrial diamond tools.

Products available:

  • High Precision Tools – Dicing Blades / Sawing Blades
  • Metal Bond Wheels
  • Resin Bond Wheels
  • Back Grinding Wheels

In conjunction with ABLE Corporation Co., Korea

AEI joint collaboration for ASEAN market with ABLE Corporation Co., Korea to co-develop a precut board for package or wafer sawing blade to enhance the cutting ability.

There are a wide range of grit sizes available from #400 – #5000 for various applications.


Manufacturing facilities located in South Korea


In conjunction with ABLE Corporation Co., Korea

AEI joint collaboration with KOREA Specialist in manufacturing of dicing accessories for semiconductor applications. These flanges were manufactured in high quality to assembly with dicing blades. It provides an excellent dynamic balancing for delicate application and improve the cutting quality of semiconductor packages.


AEI combines the need of dicing process and electronics standard of surface preparation with advanced chemistry to create AG–101, a proprietary surfactant solution with multifaceted functionalities to improve and aid high performance wafer dicing.
AG–101 is environmental friendly and suitable for various type of wafer material (Silicone,Glass,etc.) with high degree of material compatibility.


AEI joint collaboration with KOREA Specialist in manufacturing of adhesive protective tape (UV&non-UVdicingtape) for electronic and semiconductor fields.
These tapes consist of various type base materials with coated a stable adhesive base. It has a range of adhesion strength and ease to remove the tapes with no adhesive residue.


Polyimide (PI) tape is a heat-resistance protective tapes for PCB, electronic and semiconductor applications. It coated with a silicon base adhesive which can maintain a stable properties on high temperature process.

Application: Semiconductor – QFN package / Interposer Process
  • It has stable properties and strong adhesion strength to secure the PCB, epoxy molding compound and QFN package during semiconductor process – package sawing, reflow soldering.
Application: Protective seal on Image Sensor Package
  • As a protective film to attach on the glass surface of package.
  • It has a stable adhesion performance even after 5x reflow process.

These tape consist of a polyester (PET) film coated with a thermal release adhesive. It has strong adhesion for temporary fixing purpose, it becomes low adhesion and easily to peel off when heated.

Application: Widely use on Fan-Out package process.


These tape consist of a polyester (PET) film coated with a thermal release adhesive. It has strong adhesion for temporary fixing purpose, it becomes low adhesion and easily to peel off when heated.

Application: Widely use on Fan-Out package process.


AMC CO., LTD has more than 20 years of experience as a professional manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes for semiconductor sindustry. As one of the leading semiconductor tape maker, AMC continue to develop the excellent base film & adhesive and supplyt othe worldwide customers – Hynix, Chippac, etc…

Product available:

  • Backgrinding Tape – UV & non-UV
  • Die Attach Tape (DAF Tape)
  • Polishing Slurry

SANG – AFRONTEC CO., LTD. is an advanced materials / parts business that secures the core source technology based on super engineering plastics for industries – electronic, semiconductor, automotive and etc.

Product available:

  • Wafer Carrier Box
  • FOUP ( Front Opening Universal Port )
  • FOSB ( Front Opening Shipping Box )
  • Solar Cassette
  • AIR VENT, PTFE Membrane
  • ePTFEfor Textile and Liquid Filter

PENCHEM designs and manufactures advanced materials especially for the electronic and automotive industries. It is a wholly owned Malaysian company established in 1999.

PENCHEM has a wide range of advanced material products. These include LED encapsulation silicones, LED epoxies, thermal conductive materials, silver electrical conductive pastes, fastcure UV adhesives and customized products.


HOLTEK Semiconductor, since 1998 is a leading professional IC design house in Taiwan having its major business activities focused in the area of microcontroller and peripheral component design and marketing.

Products range from general purpose and specialized types of microcontrollers for use in application such as voice, communication, computer peripheral, household appliance, medical equipment, automotive and security, etc.

In the 25 years since it sestablishment, AMTEK has evolved into a leading worldwide professional manufacturer of various connectors. Their experienced R&D teams are continuously dedicated to product design and development, which enables them to respond most flexibly to particular desires at low cost.

Product range includes Board-to-Board, Header&Socket, Board-to-Wire, FPC/FFC, I/O, RF, Wireharness & Cable, Terminal Block, Switches & LED Connector.

CIXI WANJIE ELECTRONIC CO., LTD was founded in 1992. They are certified as ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and have own R&D center to design, develop and customization for OEM and ODM produces.

Product range includes terminal blocks, screw, screwless, pluggable, feed through, barrier, din rail terminal blocks, electronic housing, and solderless breadboard which have been approved by VDE, SGS, CE, CB ,CQC, TuV and CUS.

Founded in 1997, FUZETEC TM is committed to provide continuous circuit protection solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s electronic and electrical industries.

FUZETEC TM offers a wide variety of Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) resettable fuses (Radial Leaded / SMT / axialleaded / LoRHOSMT) to fulfill the needs of modern demanding high-tech applications.

Founded in 1980, MAPSUKA has more than 30 years of experience as a professional manufacturer of tooling, metal stamping and electronic assembly for tele-communications, medical, test equipment and other industries.

MAPSUKA offer a flexibility of customer needs to maintain leading edge: Card Rack Hardware,CompactPCI Chassis and Backplanes, cPCI Front Panel and PMC Bezels, customization.

Established in 1986, ARCH are specializes in AC-DC switching power supply, medical power module, AC-DC power module and DC-DC converters. ARCH has worked with multiple customers for taking charge of OEM/ODM projects to provide critically products to OEM brand distributors in America & Europe.

Products line includes AC-DC power module 2W to 150W, switching power 120W to 700W, DC-DC converters 1.5W to 60W, etc.

Established in 1985, DIPTRONICS Manufacturing Inc., is a IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturer. They persistin providing to customer with reliable quality, flexible lead time, professional technique support and customer-oriented services.

Product range includes Dip switches, Tactile switches, and other precision switches, such as Slide switches, Detection switches, Push & Lever switches and Rotary switches.

Established in 1992, SAMHOP Microelectronics Corp. is certified for ISO9001 and ISO 14001. They specializes in FABless IC & MOSFETs design to increase the function, efficiency and reliability.

Products line includes Mosfets, WLCSP Mosfets, Schottky Diodes, LED Driver, Audio Power amplifier, Encoder & Decoder IC and Power Management devices.

Foundedin 1999, MACROBLOCK is one of the world-leading LED driver ICs providers. MACROBLOCK focuses to drive innovation and pledges to provide ICs with absolute reliability and aim to continue to bring about the ultimate LED lighting performance.

Products range: LED driver ICs for LED Display and Backlighting, Lighting Automotive, architecture lighting RGB, DC-DC / AC-DC controllers and convertors.

Incorporated in 2003 based on the German WICKMANN factory in Dongguan, BETTER Group is top 3 manufacturers for total circuit protection components and brand operator in China.

BETTER’s product consists of fuses and components for over current, over voltage and over temperature protection and related accessories, which compliance and certified TUV, VDE, UL, CSA, CCC, PSA, KC and ASTA.

Founded in 1988. Switchlab had more than 20 years of experience in the electric automation industry. The product range includes sensors, pushbutton switches, connectors, terminal blocks, I/O products etc.

TE Connectivity is a Swiss-domiciled technology company that designs and manufactures connectivity and sensor products for harsh environments in a variety of industries, such as automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defence, medical, oil and gas, consumer electronics and energy.